Love Beads

Good fun last night at Milk & Cookies Dublin storyteling where I told Love Beads for the first time to an appreciatve audience.
Good fun, too, when it came to judging the bake-off and it was discovered the contesting cookies had already been eaten.
And a round of applause decided the winner.
 I thought the cupcakes best myself.

Scaring Dubliners for Hallowe’en

We started our scary storytelling in Marino yesterday where we marvelled at how a cat can turn from a pet to a mankiller at the drop of a few words; how the spectre of a drowned woman could appear at a window three storeys up to cry revenge for a wrongful death; how a houseful of card players were evicted to make room for returning spirits on Hallowe’en and how a man began to terrorise his neighbourhood after he made a false ghost flee in frustration. It was daylight; but still some listeners shivered on their way out into the coming twilight.  Enough.