Book on sale

Today, I saw Dublin Folk Tales displayed for sale to the public in several city-centre bookshops.
It’s a heady experience to see your work packaged and presented to best result by marketing and retailing experts.
I hung around for a while, walked past and had a quick glance and re-arranged the copies so they stood out a little more prominently.
In one shop they had joined their older sister Phoenix Park a History and Guidebook on the shelf. Mine also
Doing so is akin to teaching your toddler to walk, once shown you expect them to carry on without you.
I said farewell for the moment to my book and its siblings; but I know where they are, for the moment, should I need to check on them.
For now, they are ready and willing to show off and when the bargain is made they will find their way into new homes.
A happy life to them all, I say.

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