Our titles on Dublin include
Dublin Folk Tales
The Little Book of Dublin
Dublin Urban Legends
Phoenix Park a History and Guidebook
Barking Mad; Tales of Lovers, Liars, Loonies and Layabouts

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Little Dublin 8152.indd The Little Book of Dublin is a compendium of fascinating and entertaining truths about the city, past and present.
Herein lie famous elements of Dublin’s history cheek by jowl with little known facts that could so easily pass unnoticed.
A reliable reference book and a quirky guide, this treasure trove can be dipped into time and time again to reveal something new about the people, the heritage and secrets of this ancient and fascinating city.



Brendan’s gathering of stories have been passed from generation to generation and include stories that give his home city its unique character.
They range from the strange to the profound, from the tragic to the festive, from season to season and age to age.
But, most of all they are about Dubliners and their city, every one, told by a Dublin storyteller.



The urban legend is at once a story of the imagination and a sombre relating of truth. It is a story told as true, in a recognisable setting peopled by believable characters who have paused in their daily lives to deal with the matter in hand, whether it be humorous or dreadful.
Whether they started in Dublin and wandered away with the Irish diaspora or arrived in the city from somewhere else, far away, is not always easy to decide. What is true, however, is that in Dublin they are told as Dublin stories.


Phoenix Park has been a part of Dublin and Ireland since the seventeenth century.
Princes, presidents and paupers have passed the night in the park; some have enjoyed their stay, some came to harm, sadly some even lost their lives. Their spirits, may haunt the park to this day.
The park is a large enclosed area of 1,752 acres. Phoenix Park always has been Dublin’s own Pleasure Gardens and it faces the 21st century with fortitude and expectation as life goes on in the park, as ever.


Brendan Nolan has been telling stories of local characters and events for as long as anyone would listen to him.
This gathering of tales of strange people he has encountered includes the woman who faced jail over an unpaid dog licence, a man that swam so low in the water that people thought he was a seal and went seal hunting in Lucan, and the woman who insisted that Rock Hudson kissed her one warm night in the valley.

Dublin Folk Tales
is published by the History Press.

It’s in the shops waiting for you.

Dublin Folk Tales is published by the History Press.
It’s in the shops waiting for you.
Or, order a signed copy here

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