Barking Mad

Barking Mad front coverBarking Mad

Tales of Liars, Lovers, Loonies  and  Layabouts

Brendan Nolan has been telling stories of local characters and events for as long as anyone would listen to him.

This gathering of tales of strange people he has encountered includes the woman who faced jail over an unpaid dog licence, a man that swam so low in the water that people thought he was a seal and went seal hunting in Lucan, and the woman who insisted that Rock Hudson kissed her one warm night in the valley.

They are all here: from the entrepreneur who tried to sell Miss Elvis a DVD on the phone to the non-blind man who saw turkey feathers fall from the sky when the coalman arrived at Christmas.

Few people realise that an on-the-run Jesse James became a postman in Lucan and fell in love with a local widow. And not forgetting the streaker who was kidnapped on a stag night, and pleaded not guilty to indecent behaviour.


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