Remembering Sheila Conroy

Sheila Conroy

A glass was raised to Sheila Conroy on Saturday night May 12, 2012, at the Larkin Hedge School, on her passing, rather than a minute’s silence she would not have approved of, said school organiser Seamus Dooley.
I first met Sheila many years ago on Grand Parade when the People’s College was housed there and I fetched up on an unlikely day at an equally unlikely hour to enroll in a class that had been recommended to me by a nationally known newspaper features editor I was trying to begin writing for at the time.
Technically, the school was closed for the summer; but I was too impatient to wait for the autumn to arrive.
Sheila gave me the grand tour and made a ceremony of my signing up for the course that seemed to my naive and innocent mind to be quite approropriate for my by-then undiscovered talent.
A lovely person.
I raised my glass to her with pride.
And to Sean, the editor who saw something, and said yes.

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