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Tfirebhe first sitting of Dáil Éireann was in the Mansion House on January 21, 1919.
Sinn Féin candidates won 73 seats out of 105 Irish seats across the whole island in the 1918 Westminster Election.
They refused to take their seats in Westminster and subsequently set up the First Dáil.
This assembly was not recognised by Britain, and led on to the War of Independence.
On January 21, 1919, the First Ministry assumed office. It lasted for 892 days.
The Mansion House itself was built in 1710 by the merchant and property developer Joshua Dawson, whose name is commemorated in Dawson Street;
The 18th century rent for what is Dublin’s Lord Mayor’s official residence was a yearly rent of forty shillings and a loaf of double-refined sugar, weighing six pounds, each Christmas.
Dublin was the first city in Ireland or Britain to have an official residence for its Lord Mayor.
On April 25, 1715, the City Corporation purchased the house at a cost of £3,500.