The Dollacher walks again

Storymap, the online collection of Dublin stories told in situ has assembled Dubline a ramble of stories along selected routes.
My telling of The Dollacher story is included in the Christchurch section.


Grimm’s storytelling in Bray

All hail the families of listeners at the telling of Grimm’s folktales in Mermaid Arts Centre, Bray, Co Wicklow,¬†as part of YARN storytelling Festival, on November 10.

We flip flopped along with a frog, made too much sweet porridge, found our way through the woods with Hansel and Grethel, marvelled at the duplicity of Cinderella’s step-sisters, and tried in our minds to imagine Rapunzel’s hair so long that it reached to the ground from a high tower.

And we finished with the tale of Tom Wolf’s adventure in the woods, all with the enthusiastic assistance of the audience. Marvellous.