Lazy stories are lackadaisical stories

Every time you tell a story afresh the story plays out to its end.
If you do not care about the story why do you think listeners will care what happens in your storytelling?
Storytelling is not a recital of a sacred text written by someone who died before you were born and who never knew you, nor you they.
Neither is it the olden days when the Ruler could say: “Off with your head,” if your story did not please.
It is a living craft and it is your duty and privilege to use your skill to entertain your listeners. Honesty in telling lends credibility to unbelievable situations; else, wherewith dragons?
You may tell real stories, stories of invention, stories of mythology; the selection is yours.
If you were your listener, in this situation, what would you feel, what would you want to hear the story say to you?

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