Telling stories is different

girl strandTelling stories is a different skill to creating stories.
Many wonderful storytellers interpret other people’s stories and add their own creativity in telling, beautifully.
Others prefer to reflect their own observations of life in their storytelling.
Sadly, some family setting tellers can struggle to tell stories at bedtime to their charges.
A simple way to respond is this.
Take a fable from Aesop’s long list, free online, and reflect a little on the story; all have a point to make that is worth considering.
Aesop’s fables are short and easily memorised. Once absorbed, they give confidence to the teller, for now a tried and tested story is known.
Telling is easier.
Tell that story as it is, for its worth, or, with the listeners’ names imposed on the main characters.
Or, tell it through the listener as observer who saw the story happen and has returned to tell it to others.
Tell different.

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