Ten commandments for a hazy storyteller

 1. Place no strange ideas before your audience. Stick to the story; anything else is for another day.
2. Keep the storyline clear and keep it bubbling along.
3. Make time for breaks to relieve the soreness of your listener’s backside.
4. Respect your audience and their touchstones. Do not trespass on another’s beliefs.
5. Do not bore away the interest of your listeners with somnolent telling.

6  Respect your commitment to listeners who surrender part of their lives to listen to you.
7. Reciting another’s material as your own is not good.
8. Attacking someone else will turn listeners against you, not the other person.
9. Present powerful, provoking and promising presentations and you will have pupils of your own.
10 Plagiarising another’s work is not productive. Be yourself. Remember who you are. You are a unique storyteller.

Do not be hazy, nor lazy in your storytelling. Enjoy yourself.

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