The book’s bookday

Dublin Folk Tales bookday

For every story there is a beginning.

Copies of Dublin Folk Tales arrived today, at my home.
It is a wonderful feeling to pick up your book for the first time, not unlike seeing a new baby in its first hours of life.
It’s familiar and strange and exciting and full of promise, all at  the same time.
And other people might read it and see things in the stories that passed you by as you trundled along with the detail.
Until now, they were stories told, re-told, shaped, re-shaped and remembered all over again before the caring and professional attentions of the publisher’s midwifes were turned on the manuscript of Dublin Folk Tales.
I am content with the look of the child and recognise and acknowledge it as my own.
When you start to write a book it is a common experience to forget how you wrote at all the last time and momentary fear creeps in that perhaps it was all a piece of luck that the previous book was written in the first place and that you will never be able to do this again.
That I did it all is a wonder to me.
This is my fourth published book, a fifth, a memoir, was written for a private client and will not be published beyond his family.
You can see the others on my author’s website if you have an interest.
I am started on my next book, and wonder how I came to make the book I hold in my hands, for the next work is a mountain to climb.
But this one was built a story at a time.
And so will the next one; though I am already amused by the story of a woman who never left her home and who fell down in a faint when she was brought to the top of a low hill to gaze at the world beyond her garden.
It was for the once and only time for she returned home and told nobody what she saw, lest she frighten them out of their wits.
Storytelling is a wonder, and an exploration, and a joy, surely.
Brendan Nolan
April 11, 2012

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