Storyteller Brendan Nolan is the author of Dublin Folk Tales

Storyteller Brendan Nolan

Many accounts of Dubliners and Dublin City fill Brendan’s books: Dublin Folk Tales Dublin Urban Legends, The Little Book of Dublin, and Barking Mad, Tales of Liars, Lovers, Layabouts and Lunatics.

To these, in live storytelling, he adds tales chosen from Irish folklore that have passed down through the generations.

He re-tells stories selected from the great tradition of European storytellers.

Brendan has been featured guest storyteller on many occasions where his sessions were booked out well in advance, including Smock Alley Theatre in Dublin and the prestigious RHA gallery for the St Patrick’s Festival.
He is a Heritage in Schools approved storyteller, a member of Storytellers of Ireland and an oral storyteller in the Seanachie tradition.

He has told stories to adult audiences in Ireland, England, Spain, Belgium, Sweden, Rome, Paris, Austria and Germany, and continues to wander far and wide telling stories to all.
Teatro de Rojas Toledo

In Toledo, he told in Teatro De Rojas a beautiful baroque city theatre and in Guadalajara, Brendan participated, with hundreds of other storytellers, in a 36-hour storytelling marathon.


They said:

“Great to see an experienced storyteller.”

“Brendan is a great storyteller who kept us entertained all the time. He has a great sense of humour.”

“Grasping the richness in life what a wonderful session”

“A very thought provoking session.”

“The ending was very funny.”

“Brendan owned the space as a storyteller.”

“The session was a joy to listen to. I loved Brendan’s humour.”

“Full of such wonderful ideas so well presented.”

“Very funny and entertaining and motivating and serious. Brendan is a great thinker and speaker. He is a philosopher.”

“A pleasure to listen to. Glad I came tonight.”

“Brendan cheered me up with the stories. He was so relaxed and he communicated that to us.”

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