Dublin Folk TalesYou’re Dublin when

You know Phoenix Park chalybeate spring water could cure colic,  melancholy, and vapours, loosen the clammy humours of the body and dry an 031over-moist brain.

Your team takes on all 31 other counties and wins  

You know Busarus opened in 1953. It was called the Glass House. Before that, country buses loaded at Aston’s Quay 129

Where the mummies of Dublin lie without any preservation at all and sometimes you go to see them. 128

You read Mutt & Jeff in the Dublin Evening Mail, and still wonder how they’re getting on  127

You know the doors of Dublin come in all colours because this makes it easier to find your way home late at night. 126

You queued with pals to get into Tara St Baths for a swim in warm water for a tanner. 125

You wonder when they’re going to take down that Spire thing and put up a new pillar to the Dublin Gurrier 124

You scutted on the back of lorries for fun and as a means of cheap transport around the city.123

You remember Dublin buses were green and all other colours went down the country, somewhere.  122

You wonder why kite surfers on Dollymount beach don’t just buy a Ryanair ticket to fly instead 121

You step aside from people in leprechaun outfits having their picture taken for money with tourists. 120

You mitched to the Grafton news and cartoon cinema instead of attending school. 119

You remember when the only people who spoke into their collars were mad people. 118

You know Dublin pedestrian lights allow more time for walkers to cross over than anywhere else 117

You know even bald men are offered hair extensions by Henry St street sellers. 116

As a youngster you could get into the Carlton cinema for a shilling to see two feature films; but you were not allowed to smoke once inside115

You miss the Royal pantomime, Jimmy O’Dea, Mickser Reid and Noel Purcell. 114

You rock in the New Year with Rockabilly mother Imelda May at College Green 113

You say thanks to the bus driver when you arrive at your stop safely. 112

You meet Bono, Sinead O’Connor and Glen Hansard busking on Christmas Eve on Grafton Street. 111

110  you know the light that shines from the window of Áras an Uachtaráin is a home light for the Irish everywhere. 
109  You go out to the airport at Christmas to say welcome home to everyone that lands there
108 Your girlfriend gave you a Clery’s scarf for Christmas and you wore it to shreds
107 You bought one of the last of the Cheeky Charlies on the Christmas streets of the city
106 You rode in Santa’s covered wagon in Pims at Christmas

105  You remember cargo trains loading inside in the Point Depot
104  You drop a few  bob to the lad sitting on the bridge in the rain with holed shoes
103 You lit a fire with real coal and your house was a home and the binmen collected the ashes for free
102 You went on a date to the airport to watch Aer Lingus planes take off.
101 You bought fresh fish on Ringsend streets on Wednesdays and Fridays off Pat.

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